The office based Dharma yoga classes are delivered by Gráinne. The founder of Dharma Yoga Studios. Brining the essence of yoga to you at your workplace. The sessions are curated so they are accessible for all abilities. Not only will it create bonding for your employees and thus company as a whole, but promotes mental relaxation and clearance of stagnant energy in the body. Leaving you employees feeling anew, with heightened productivity and overall feeling happier and thus more motivated. We truelybelieve that giving, returns to you tenfold. Investing in your employees wellness with in turn help your business flourish through productivity and loyalty.
•Increases flexibility: with this practice, you will notice some loosening in your body. You will have no pains and aches in the body.
•Strengthens the nervous system and calms the mind: Dharma yoga practice improves the blood flows and controls the body by strengthening the nervous system.
•Improves concentration: it offers calmness and mental clarity due to which you can concentrate.
•Promotes deep and restful sleep at night: Dharma yoga offers relaxation to the body by taking the person away from the hectic routine.
•Supports bones strength and development: the Dharma yoga practice makes your bones and muscles strong and enhances the flexibility. It makes your spine erect and you avoid poor postures. It increases bone strength by lowering levels of cortisol and increased levels of calcium.
•Supports cardiovascular health: Dharma yoga practice boosts up your heart rate which lowers your risk of suffering from heart attack or depression.
•Reduces anxiety, worry, and depression: it relieves stress and improves your mental well-being.
•Improves balance: regular yoga practice enhances the proprioception leading to fewer falls and injuries.
•Increases body awareness: it gives you peace and offers mental, physical and spiritual health.
•Relieves back pain: yoga Dharma is a form of meditation which eases the pain, improves strength and makes you active.
Cost & Booking
Our corporate yoga classes vary in cost depending on location and participants. We offer discounted costs for charities and multiple classes.
Email Grainne at Dharma Yoga Studios or call 07738 268834 to request more information or to book now.